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Dear Families,


The effects of COVID-19 are touching every corner of the world, especially education. Our children have all been sent from their schools and lack certainty​ about what’s next.​ 

That’s why schools have an important role to play as we go forward, equipping them for the​  future.

To do that, we have to understand an issue that education is experiencing itself:


It hasn’t evolved!

While the world advances in tech, innovation, and science, schools have largely fallen behind, staying the same in comparison to those advancements.

As of 2020, education’s slowly making the same shift.

A growing number of schools are now finding more creative ways of fostering student growth through more hands-on and creative curriculums because of this epidemic. 

Introducing, The World Changers School of the Arts, an accredited private school that values creative academic learning and practical skill advancement.

Our mission is to provide a secure, non-traditional teaching environment that instills curiosity and encourages academic growth through a diverse portfolio of learning.

We’re ensuring children receive the proper treatment to let them conquer the world with a sense of confidence in what they know, clarity in what they see, and certainty in what they can accomplish.

Schools have historically taught children what to think , but instead we nurture on them how to​ think.

Why Choose WCSA?

     Smaller class sizes give students the one on one encouragement needed to flourish into their own.

     Highly qualified teachers with extensive academic backgrounds all provide the knowledge necessary for your children to succeed in today’s world, while shaping tomorrow’s future.

     A supportive learning environment means each classroom is about sharing ideas and taking charge of learning.

     Our curriculum is handcrafted using modern academic platforms that allow for a diverse and comprehensive educational system.

     Self-discovery is part of our teaching, each student is allowed the freedom to create and explore what interests them the most.

     We develop tomorrow’s leaders by instilling valuable skills that students are able to leverage for the rest of their lives.

     Life skills application classes give students the practical know-how and skill required for success later in life.


We’re beginning enrollment for 6th and 7th graders for the 20-21 Academic Year starting on{insert date}.


In order to provide a one of a kind educational experience for all students enrolled, we can only accept { insert amount of} them at a time.​     


If you’re ready to equip your children with the learning necessary to make them tomorrow’s leaders, then now’s the time to enroll!


Join and Take Part In the World Changers Family!


*For more information or to enroll, check out our website www.WCSArts.or. If you have​  questions or inquiries, please contact Trease Sears at 317-855-0296.*


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